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wiki! wiki! wiki! wiki! NYC Parks put together a wiki filled with data!

This is an open document intended as a community resource for participants in the TreesCount! Data Jam hosted by NYC Parks and BetaNYC on June 4, 2016.

It is intended to serve as a knowledge base for Data Jammers on available open data sets that can support project teams in their quest for the Grand Prize!

We are using this document as a wiki. Please garden, prune, seed, and add to this document (with a brief description and links). Please share your open data knowledge!

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    I am getting a lot of questions about how to relate and compare the Tree Census datasets - think of it in the same way as US Census population data - you can only really compare by geographic areas like census blocks and tracts. I've tried to flesh this out a bit more in this data wiki - I hope it helps!

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