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Platform/Data Help!

Hi hi hello! I'm around to help out with the Socrata platform as you need it - from working directly within the platform to pulling data using the API, I'm your girl. Feel free to give me a ping here and I'll come find ya, I'll also be wandering around so pull me aside as needed.

Some resources from the get go --
http://dev.socrata.com (developer resources!)
https://dev.socrata.com/irc.html (live dev support on IRC)
http://stackoverflow.com/ with "soda" and "socrata" tags (community questions for things that are not immediately pressing)
http://www.opendatanetwork.com/ (search "trees" if you want to check out what some other cities have done with tree data)

And a neat little new thing, if you want to check out a sort of summary-level view of the data you're working with (stats, columns, data types, etc) you can add `/about?enable_dataset_landing_page=true` to the end of the url (so for example, https://data.cityofnewyork.us/Environment/2015-Street-Tree-Census-Tree-Data/uvpi-gqnh/about?enable_dataset_landing_page=true) and check out the beta version of a new feature we're working on.

aaaand of course let me know if you think you are seeing any bugs :)

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