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STEW-MAP data - stewardship data for any of the challenges

Here is a link to the STEW-MAP data on dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fztioroy1exdjvn/AADvgjwUk6vE35NqDcmhT0mGa?dl=0

Data are in a geodatabase.

There is an associated data dictionary that explains all of the attribute data. It is a Word document.

Feature classes in the geodatabase to look at:
STEWMAP_Sphereswresponses (polygon) and STEWMAP_Spheres_pointswresponses (points) - these are the stewardship turfs as polygon where possible, or points when we just have an individual location

STEWMAP_Population_Geocoded - this is a point layer of the offices of all the groups that received a survey

All other feature classes you can basically ignore.

Any questions about the data - email or find Michelle Johnson (michelle.l.johnson.6@gmail.com; I am in the C area for the socioeconomic/environmental indicators team #3) or find Lindsay Campbell in the stewardship team (#5)


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